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A Sinkhole of Mules

Once in a while, circumstances combine to create perfection. And the sinkhole of mules was surely close to perfect.

Last summer, I was beating what was left of the chrome off of my car on one of my favorite dirt roads, the one that runs the crest of the mountain from Route 21 above the Elk Creek valley toward Troutdale. Coming toward me on the road was a couple of folks riding mules. As they got closer to me, I thought that I was looking at one of the most beautiful mules that I had ever seen. I waved them to a stop, jumped out, rummaged around in the trunk, and came up with a brochure. We chatted a minute, me raving on about the beautiful mule, and telling them about the camp. They'd been bushwhacking, looking for an old trail that used to go from the VHHT to Hale's Lake. I remember thinking that they must have come pretty close to finding it, as they were not torn up, and had no Rhododendren leaves hanging off of them. We parted, and I drove off hoping that they would come and camp at KRC.

Well they did, and a fine time was had by all!


A warm welcome to KRC's first mule campers. And their people.

Below, the ladies wait for the gents.


Daisy is an accomplished rider. She will use any method available to mount, including use of the rider's boot, or a pile of stones. No sissy harness for her, no sir.